Clément Horvath, a 31-year-old author from Tours,France,  will present on Tuesday 14 July at the shop “la petite Musette” Volume 2 of his book “Till Victory” which retraces the Second World War through the unpublished letters of allied soldiers. Clément has spent a good fifteen years collecting the correspondence of several dozen Allied soldiers, British, Canadian and American, engaged in the Second World War.

The second volume has just been published. From the beaches of Normandy to the ravaged villages of Germany, through the Dutch polders and the snow of the Ardennes, we discover the journeys of some forty American, British, Canadian or French soldiers through their intimate letters written in the heart of the European battlefields. To illustrate these period accounts, published for the first time, numerous relics, original uniforms and personal photographs are presented.

Clément Horvath holds a Master’s degree in service marketing. He first worked in advertising and marketing in France and Denmark before joining the “My-Serious-Game” team (a company in Tours that creates fun training programs) where he is community manager.

“Little by little, I understood all that these soldiers had done, the meaning of their combat, their sacrifice so that our generations would not live under any diktat. I just wanted to say thank you to them. Thank you for allowing me to live in a free world. »

The book is also available in French.