A charter to unite the Cities connected with the 101st Airborne

Carentan, Ramsbury in England, Meierijstad, the dutch county north of Eindhoven and Bastogne in Belgium share the same glorious heritage left by the 101st Airborne in World War 2. These lands and Cities owe the Screaming Eagles their liberation and freedom. They shall not forget and are committed year after year in commemorating, celebrating and honoring the brave soldiers of the Division. However, they do it piecemeal, never sharing their individual heritage nor their celebrations, although veterans and US officials attend all these celebrations. We in Carentan feel strongly that each country would benefit of the others individual history and experiences. We all share the same values and same passion for our liberators. A charter connecting all these cities with a common bond with the 101st could be established, allowing a greater access to history, and the understanding of events, share common bonds and interests far beyond history, in many different fields such as education, culture or economy. With veterans disappearing at an alarming rate, it is the responsibility of those Cities to make sure their memories, all of their memories, are duly told, kept and honored!